Call for Papers

The topics include but are not limited to:

  • usage of affect to improve personalized systems
  • usage of personality to improve personalized systems
  • implicit detection of affect for personalized systems
  • implicit detection of personality for personalized systems
  • computational models of emotion and personality
  • affect and personality as contextual factors
  • affect as implicit feedback
  • affect and personality in cross domain recommenders
  • affect and personality as user/item similarities
  • affect and personality-based evaluation methods
  • affect and personality in applications (e.g. movie recommenders, music recommenders, e-learning, people-to-people recommenders etc.)
  • affect and personality with human decision making
  • affect and personality in group recommenders
  • affect and personality for the cold-start problem
  • privacy aspects of the usage of affect and personality in personalized systems
  • affect and personality in connection to social media

The prospective authors may wish to use any of the following datasets in their research. Note that the usage of these datasets IS NOT a prerequisite for acceptance. The list is provided as a starting point only.

The workshop will have a hybrid format; the prospective authors are encouraged to submit either (i) technical papers (long: 12 pages max, short: 8 pages max) or (ii) white papers/position statements (6 pages max).

Please consult the Important Dates page for deadlines and the Submission Instructions page for how to submit your manuscript.

The accepted papers will be published in the ACM Digital Library in the workshop’s standalone proceedings.